Youth classes

As part of the youth program, clients can choose to attend a scheduled class. See class schedule

Classes will provide a general strength and conditioning workout that will benefit performance in any type of sport! 

Each class is 1 hour long and clients should arrive 3-5 minutes early. Classes are limited to 10 participants. 

Please sign in to class ahead of time by using the Elite Strength and Conditioning App or emailing or calling ahead of time. 

Program Goal:

‚ÄčTo introduce absolute volleyball players to a sport specific training program. Emphasis of this program will focus on:

  • Proper body mechanic knowledge
  • Corrective exercise programming
  • High emphasis on core training, plyometric, agility, and quickness
  • Stength training

In addition to attending scheduled classes, clients may also come in during scheduled open gym hours. See class schedule.

Open gym hours are a perfect time for clients to work on a personalized workout that will be tailored to their individual needs and sport performance. 

How do i get started?

STEP 1:  Attend a scheduled fitness assessment, or make an appointment for a fitness assessment. 

STEP 2:  Decide how many days you would like to attend and purchase the appropriate membership or punch card. 

STEP 3:  Attend your first class or open gym session (explained below).

Open gym


Ideal for large groups, sport teams or clubs. This program limits class attendance to only those on the team. Classes may be performed on site or at the location of the team's choice. This program works well for larger groups and teams who want to improve certain aspects of their training. Sport specific programming and periodization is used to achieve peak performance for a specified season.  

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An engaging series of group classes and individualized workouts that incorporate the key components of athleticism, health, and performance. This program focuses on joint stabilization, core strength, plyometric and agility training! In order to develop a positive view on health and exercise, we strive to make any youth program as fun and functional as possible! We also want each student to understand their body and develop proper exercise skills they can use for the rest of their lives!

For young athletes between 11 and 18 years old!  For pricing options, please CLICK HERE.

What is the youth program?

Youth Program